Monday, June 16, 2008

FUNNY!!! :-)

I know that this is not fashion related at all but it is really funny....

A policeman pulls a man over for speeding and asks him to get out of the car. After looking the man over he says, “Sir, I couldn’t help but notice your eyes are bloodshot. Have you been drinking?”
The man gets really indignant and says, “Officer, I couldn’t help but notice your eyes are glazed. Have you been eating doughnuts?”

My Top Magazines

TeenVogue...of course
Harper's Bazaar
Here are some of the magazine that I read that give me inspiration and updates on celebrities and new trends all over the world.

Hot or Not

Ellen Page: Hot or Not

Here is a picture of Ellen Page at the 2008 Academy Awards. Ellen really surprised me in this photo. I usually j'adore what she wears but this time i think the black is a little to overpowering for her. On the other hand, I love how she accessorized with the long necklace and the ahhhhdorable clutch. Overall, I think this girl is a HOT, but next time try another color.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Chanel Spring 2008 Fashion Show

Here are some of the ahhhhhdorable pics from the Chanel 2008 Spring Runway Show. I love them all.

Tennis Anyone?

Evening beauty

Denim Galore

Cute Clutch

Get The Look

I know all of you have seen something on the runway or something on one of your favorite celebrities and have wanted it soo bad but didnt have enough money or know where to get it. That is where I come in. Twice a week for the rest of the summer, I'm going to show you how to get those outfits or close.

This is an Anna Sui frock seen on the spring runway. The second picture is another frock just like it but for WAY less found at Forever 21.

Tune in next week for the next "Get the Look"

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


"This is where i wanna be" (for those of you who have heard this song, you know what i mean)

i may be going to paris this summer and im sooooooooooo excited

if your not too into fashion, you probably didnt notice that this is a window to one of the chanel stores.

if you cant tell already, well..........i absolutely adore CHANEL

First Blog--Intro

im new to blogging so if my first few blogs arent good, dont be shy but tell me.

First of all i would like to introduce myself as a girl absolutely obsessed with fashion and the industry.

My goal is to become both the editor in chief of a famous fashion magazine and a haute couture fashion designer.

if any of you have insight in the fashion world, please let me know